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A Guide To Sock Maintenance: Washing Tips

Want your athletic socks to look as amazing and fresh as on the first day you bought them? With proper care and maintenance, you will be able to keep your socks in excellent condition, and they will be your companions in all those big games!

At Toss My Socc, we love a good pair of socks and how they make us feel. We believe in giving our socks a lot of tender loving care, especially during the hot summer months, because this immediately translates to better on-court performance. Here are a few washing tips that we swear by:


After a good game, don’t let your socks float around in the laundry basket or worse, in your gym bag. It will stink! We suggest that you soak your mid-calf uneven striped socks as soon as possible. Do your socks smell really bad? Add half a cup of vinegar to the load to get rid of the stains and odor.

However, we know that it may not be possible for you to work on your laundry load every single day when you get back, but you can always consider pre-treating your socks so your pairs are all prepped up to be washed the following day.

Get a mesh bag

Are you no stranger to losing socks in the washer? It’s funny, but you’re not alone. You can easily avoid this by throwing your socks in a mesh bag before the washing cycle.

Your athletic socks are expensive and when one of a pair goes missing, it must really bum you out. With this simple hack, you won’t lose your socks in the laundry again. In addition to this, the mesh bag also ensures that your socks don’t get all snagged up in the machine.

Use cold water

Hate it when your favorite socks keep rolling down your ankles? We do too. This usually happens when you wash your socks in hot water more often than you should.

Granted that hot water helps eliminate germs and sweat stains more efficiently, but cold water protects your socks' vibrant colors and prevents it from getting stretched out during the washing process. However, if you’d like the best of both worlds, you could pre-treat your socks in hot water before immersing it in cold H20.

Damp socks are a no-no

The best thing about socks is that you don’t really need to spend time to fold and store them. However, don’t wear your socks or store them before they are are completely dry.

There are quite a few reasons why you shouldn’t store damp socks:

  1. The moisture causes a build-up of bacteria and creates the perfect environment for mold and fungus.

  2. It could stink up your entire wardrobe.

  3. The fibers will wear out.

  4. It may lead to foot infections.

So, either let the dryer do its work or air-dry it. Pro tip: Letting your socks air dry will help retain the colors for an extended period.

Final Words

Keeping your socks fresh and bright isn’t rocket science. If you follow these tips, they will last you for quite some time! However, do remember to replace your socks with new ones every 3 months.

We have an extensive collection of socks for all the ballers and athletes out there. They come in a wide range of colors and style options. If you’re looking for mid-calf uneven striped socks, give our inventory a quick look.

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