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Socks For Men & Women


It’s raining socks at Toss My Soc! Dress socks, athletic socks, pick-me-up socks, colorful socks… you name it, we have it! Getting a pair that actually suits your mood and style has never been easier.

Whether you have been looking for the best men’s athletic socks online that don’t slip during high-stakes competitions or are on a never-ending hunt for a socks subscription for 6 months because you like to mix things up, we have got you covered. Work or play, we know that socks are an essential part of your wardrobe, both in terms of functionality and style.

If done right, socks can add a pop of color to your daily ensembles and also keep your feet warm and well-protected. That’s precisely why we love to walk the extra mile to create comfortable, attention-grabbing pairs that bridge the gap between classy and sassy. We have really got no time for uninspiring, dull socks that wither away after a few washes and we know that you don’t too! Let’s take a glance at our offerings:

Dress Socks

Dress shoes need dress socks that are not made of itchy fabrics, provide cushion to your feet and make walking a breeze. Our socks are designed keeping the wearer’s comfort in mind so you can rest assured that you won’t be left fidgeting in your shoes! 

Express your unique individuality and style with dress socks that are perfect for work, home, work-from-home, and black-tie events. Whether you are looking to buy black socks online or want to experiment with men’s thin striped socks for sale, we have them all right here. 

Athletic Socks

The type of socks you wear influences your performance on the field. It provides protection against friction and impact and enhances your body’s ability to move swiftly. At Toss My Soc, we know how important socks are when it comes to preventing on-field injuries and keeping your feet sweat-free while playing, which is why our online collection of men's banded socks has been designed with the help of the latest Dri-Fit technologies.

Alternatively, do you want to receive fresh pairs of men’s dress socks or athletic women’s socks at your doorstep? We will keep replenishing your stock as per your needs! Join our Soc Club today.

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